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We develop solutions in each of our business lines to foresee environmental changes and respond to evolving client needs, whether they are investors, businesses, or public institutions. We play a key role in urban development and place corporate social responsibility at the core of our business. Our goal is to meet the needs of our clients and partners by delivering innovative buildings and services that create shared value and contribute to a more sustainable, ecological, and collaborative society.

Our plan, Inspire Real Estate 2020, was developed in partnership with 200 stakeholders across the country including clients, suppliers and employees. This focuses on four responsibilities: fiscal, ecological, social and civic. These include topics such as circular economy, biodiversity and pollution, water and air quality issues, and finally, cooperation and economic initiatives. Climate change is an issue that ABC Real Estate takes into account in our operations. For example, we ensure that all our buildings in Sri Lanka have smart technology installed to help make better use of electricity, and all our environmental production is eco-certified. One area where we contribute to a more sustainable future is education for construction trades and careers, leading to generation growth that will create tomorrow's community.

Creating sustainable future business also means focusing on potential planning for our 5 years history. As property managers and asset managers, we need to be aware of demand shifts to meet today's and tomorrow's needs. All this is part of our duty to deliver creative and responsible products and services, reduce the environmental impact of our operations, and encourage employee growth.

Esprit Real Estate is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards. A holistic approach that directs our business powers towards our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plan. Through our policies and programmes, we pursue effective solutions that not only support us and our partners, but the entire community. Through a wide range of robust CSR programmes, we aim to contribute positively and sustainably to society. We believe this is best achieved by inspiring people with the best leadership resources we can provide.

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EIC is aware that the payment of taxes directly affects the financial and social development of the countries in which it operates, fulfils its tax obligations in accordance with the tax legislation in those countries, paying the corresponding taxes in accordance with the profit generated in each territory. In this regard, the following commitments are assumed.

Decisions with tax implications are adopted using a reasonable interpretation of the regulation.

The existence of significant tax risks is mitigated, ensuring that the tax is in line with the business structure in each country, taking into account the activities performed and the material and human resources employed in each activity.

In those jurisdictions where there are cooperation systems between taxpayers and tax authorities, Esprit is actively involved.

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Esprit integrates environmental concerns into business operations and stakeholder interaction, without compromising economic performance. Esprit carries out its activities with a firm commitment to contribute to sustainability from an environmental perspective, materialised by integrating the environment into business, promoting environmental responsibility, preserving biodiversity, preventing pollution, managing resources efficiently and adapting and mitigating climate change. The quick growth around us has certainly taken over our climate. While a concerted and collaborative effort is needed to save our country, the Esprit Real Estate acknowledges its corporate responsibility. Our mission is committed to mitigating the environmental impact of company activities and encouraging environmental conservation and sustainability causes. Different CSR approaches will help make a positive impact on different stakeholder groups, including customers. Reducing the environmental impact through various CSR initiatives like waste and resource management can also greatly benefit the company.

Act in accordance with the spirit and letter of all relevant environmental legislation, authorised codes of practice and any other standards not codified by law we adhere to. As a real estate developer, we are highly aware of the environmental impact of our actions and committed to safeguarding our natural environment for future generations. Therefore, we cooperate fully and maintain open relationships with all regulatory authorities to ensure transparency in all transactions as well as minimal environmental impacts. We also meet all our clients' environmental criteria. We constantly enhance the environmental sustainability of our activities by reducing negative environmental impacts and maximising positive impacts wherever possible.

We are also committed to raising our real estate activities' environmental impact and making environmental quality a catalyst for tangible and intangible performance improvements. We aim to foster environmental responsibility through: 1. Addressing climate change mitigation and adaptation problems in our services, 2. Reducing our activities' direct and indirect environmental impact, 3. Making our products and services' environmental quality a lever for improved performance.

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Be a dedicated real estate player and support local initiatives. Value our employees' development and commitment with active participation in national and international forums and organisations promoting behaviour and engagement aligned with the content of the company CSR Policy.


People matter is especially true at Esprit Real Estate, where our employees help transform the world of tomorrow and shape future real estate. To bring out the best of our people, we are committed to contributing to their growth. We seek to be a socially responsible employer by: offering a safe, versatile, and creative work environment that improves our employees' well-being. Promoting our teams' diversity, equity and employability. Enabling workers to improve CSR skills. Connection bonuses and appreciation, with the potential to become an employer of choice. We believe our people's success. We strive to create a rewarding work environment that accommodates our employees' personal growth and developmental goals with the company's. When part of this process, we provide merit-based training and development opportunities for all our employees.


Surpass our customers' standards in all our transactions and give our customers a high quality level. Our customer-centric approach ensured high customer satisfaction and also helped make us Sri Lanka's real estate market leader. We believe in delivering exceptional value and professional services leading to mutually beneficial, long-term collaborations rather than short-term transactional relationships. Growing rising customer base is reflective of growing customers' trust in us.

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Civic participation consists of habits, attitudes and actions demonstrating concern and active community engagement. This includes more traditional activities of electoral citizenship, such as voting, serving on non-profit boards or school boards, and less traditional forms of political participation, such as community organising and social activism. For instance, Participation in small neighbourhood-based campaigns and the broader national movements.

  • Addressing the problems of society informally.
  • Showing respect and criticism for rules.
  • Recognising the difference between defined and cultural citizenship.
  • Engaging in an active process beyond passive citizenship.
  • Establishing a balance of rights and responsibilities.
  • Understanding and defining the common good concept.
  • May resolve discrepancies.
  • Involving the community in decision-making.
  • Embracing participatory democracy idea.
  • Questioning governance policies and practices.
  • Determining ways to change public policy.
  • Exhibiting stewardship, i.e. responsibility for one's community.
  • Recognising every person's worth and human dignity.


Place the highest value on honesty and loyalty, conduct our business to high ethical standards.

In all our transactions, we uphold the highest standards of integrity and ensure professionalism at all levels through training and strict internal processes.

Such protections built a reputation for Prime Lands as the country's skilled real-estate service provider.

While complying with all applicable legislation, we also instilled best ethical practices in the industry among our employees, ensuring unprecedented honesty in our operations.


Management and staff actively engage in a wide-ranging community support system for colleges, professional bodies, and where we can use our skills to contribute to others' efforts and livelihoods. As a responsible corporate citizen, we understand our duty for our society and, in addition to financial growth, integrate community development into our overall business goals. Their priorities therefore include promoting better quality of life for all people in the country, supporting health and development opportunities wherever possible.


In particular, we focused on;

  • Improving education in our communities so that future generations have opportunities for professional and personal development.
  • Reducing our activities' environmental impact.
  • A safe workplace when encouraging professional development.
  • Maintaining high market expectations.
  • Offering our clients superior service and measurable market advantages.

We publicly recorded the pledge by implementing a comprehensive sustainability and corporate responsibility strategy and a code of conduct for suppliers. These ensure our goals are straightforward, tangible and unmistakable for our staff, customers, investors, partners and other stakeholders.

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